Make Ether by trading stock derivatives

Stay in the blockchain economy – deposits and payouts are in Ether


New trades start every Monday

The price for using the service is 1.85% of the deposit

Get stock exposure with your cryptocurrency
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Kunikum is live!

We are proud to present the beta version of Kunikum, where you can trade the top US tech stocks, decentralized on the ethereum blockchain, with ether as the base currency.

Using our platform, you can put your ether to work: choose a stock and watch the 10% increase of the stock, yield a 10% return on your ether. In other words, you can trade equity derivatives with ether instead of your local currency or $USD.

And no — we are not trying to sell you a useless ICO 🙂

Benefits of Kunikum

Stay in the crypto economy at all times – maintain the benefits from blockchain with use of decentralized equity derivatives

Grow your Ether investment by trading equity derivatives

You have full transparency on pricing and transactions

The money is either in your hands or securely stored in a smart contract. This means, no third party can touch your money

Meet the Kunikum team

Giving you the opportunity to trade on stocks and index using Ether

Svante Jørgensen

Søren Terp Jessen

Mikael Bondum


Diversify your investment in cryptocurrency. We make it possible to trade on stock derivatives without leaving the blockchain ecosystem. To do this, our platform use blockchain smart contracts to create a contract for difference (CFDs).

Remember that trading CFDs can result in the loss of your entire capital. Trading CFDs may not be suitable for you. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

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