Make Ether by trading stock derivatives

Stay in the blockchain economy – deposits and payouts are in Ether

This is all possible with the use of decentralized equity derivatives

Kunikum is live!

If you hold fiat currencies on your bank account you will have a passive income from the interest the bank is paying you (however it may be low). If you buy real estate and you are renting out the apartments in the building, you have a passive income from the rent. If you buy and hold stocks, you have a passive income from the dividend.


Cryptocurrencies gives you no passive income, meaning your investment is not working for you – however, this is what Kunikum is changing – you can now trade on stocks using Ether.

The return from your trades using Kunikum is being determined by the price development on the stock or index, and your return can be positive or negative.

Example: If you choose to trade for 1 Ether on the stock Facebook Inc., believing the price will go up for a period of 4 weeks – and it turns out the price went up by 15% after the 4 weeks, you will then receive 1.15 Ether in return. If you were wrong, and the price fell by 15%, you will receive 0.85 Ether in return.

This means, you can now grow your Ether investment and make money by trading on stocks using Kunikum

Benefits of Kunikum

Stay in the crypto economy at all times – maintain the benefits from blockchain with use of decentralized equity derivatives

Grow your Ether investment by trading equity derivatives

You have full transparency on pricing and transactions

The money is either in your hands or securely stored in a smart contract. This means, no third party can touch your money

How it works

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Get stock exposure with your cryptocurrency
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The price for using the service is 1.85% of the deposit


Giving you the opportunity to trade on stocks and index using Ether

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